Stuttering and Parenthood

Carla Di Domenicantonio (Moderator)

Sunday 2:45PM - 3:45PM EST


St. Laurent

Stuttering can affect our plans and aspirations, the choices we make, and how we function in our different roles. Parenthood is one role that many of us approach with excitement and some fear, whether we stutter or not. For persons who stutter, stuttering brings a unique element into play. There are fears, amongst other things, about passing on stuttering to a child, being ineffective as a parent, or causing embarrassment for a child at school-related functions. These fears stem from negative bias towards stuttering and the pain caused by lived experiences growing up with a stutter. A panel consisting of two active parents and a parent-grandparent will begin discussion of this important subject. There will be opportunity to share your personal thoughts, anxieties, and experiences in smaller group conversation – and to receive support as you envision or live your parenting role.

What to expect

AWS will be provided an opportunity to explore and problem-solve fears and worries they may have related to parenting as a person who stutters. AWS will be able to support each other in discussing parenting experiences. PWS who are not yet parents will also benefit from hearing about the experiences of others.

About the presenter

Carla Di Domenicantonio is a CSA Board member in the Speech-Language Pathology Liaison role. She is an avid supporter of the stuttering community and is pleased to be able to contribute to this Conference.

Last updated: 2023-09-05