Freedom through music...because you don't stutter when you sing (& drum building)

Maria Steller, Shirley Steller

Saturday 1:15PM - 2:15PM EDT

Personal Story Interactive

St. Laurent

In this music oriented workshop, Maria will share the inspirational story of how she found freedom in music and singing from an early age. Each participant will create an authentic raw hyde drum from supplied materials, donated to you by the Stellars and the CSA.

Part of the workshop will be performing music together using the newly created drums.

What to expect

Teens to attend and will leave with an authentic raw hide drum they have made themselves, as well as having heard an inspirational story about the freedom Maria has found in music. Indigenous group that sells rawhide drum making kits for youth. We could look into costs, make them in a workshop with participants, and show how Maria has applied them in her music. We used to sing our sentences around the house when she was very small and couldn’t speak any other way. It is led to a lifelong love of music for her.

About the presenter

Maria has been singing as long as she could speak, and always spoke with a stutter. She and her mother always sang to each other rather than speaking! Today Maria is building a career to be a social media influencer.

Last updated: 2023-10-03