Connecting Human Rights Advocacy in Education & Stuttering

Kim Block

Sunday 2:45PM - 3:45PM EST



Kim Block will be highlighting current human rights laws that already exist today that bring equity to children who stutter in an education setting. Grounding your advocacy in human rights can be very empowering and successful. Children who stutter have accommodation rights and are protected from bullying related to their stuttering in school. There are options for parents on how and who to contact when communicating with the school, and what do you do when things don’t go as planned? Understanding the process, advocacy strategies, school legislations, the duty to accommodate, and the rights and responsibilities of parents and students are key. Knowledge is power. This will be an information packed workshop with an opportunity to bring your questions. A copy of the slides will be provided.

What to expect

Recognizing the rights a child who stutters has within their school system, and spreading awareness about how to handle tough situations successfully to provide a better experience for their child.

Last updated: 2023-09-04