Be Visible: How People Who Stutter can Help Create Safe and Inclusive Workplaces and Schools

Berenice Mengo

Saturday 2:45PM - 3:45PM EDT



As a shy young girl who stuttered, Berenice became adept at finding ways to conceal her stutter and sometimes avoiding speaking altogether. Her stuttering was exacerbated by constant frustration, anger, and fear. Over time, she began to embrace and accept it. Whether it was giving oral presentations at school or leading teams of communicators at work, she started to accept and value her unique communication style.

In this workshop, hear how Berenice discovered that embracing who she is actually helped improve her fluency. It begins with a decision to be open about stuttering, whether at school, in the workplace, or with strangers. She is eager to share the strategies she have developed to be authentic, embrace her stutter, exude self-confidence while speaking in public, and find happiness in her professional life.

What to expect

  • Increased self-acceptance and empowerment for individuals who stutter.
  • Enhanced self-advocacy skills and confidence in professional settings.
  • Improved communication techniques to manage stuttering and engage effectively in workplace interactions.
  • Fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment through empathy and understanding.
  • Creating practical plans for promoting workplace inclusivity and advocating for change.

About the presenter

Berenice, Programs Officer for the Government of Canada, is a former Communications Team Leader and Coordinator of COP15’s International Media Centre. She actively promotes stuttering awareness in workplaces and schools, and is often invited as a panelist or facilitator. She works to raise understanding and foster inclusivity of minority groups.

Last updated: 2023-09-05