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The Laughter Lab

Robert O'Brien

Sunday 2:45PM - 3:45PM EST

Coping All

In this participatory workshop, people who stutter will be inspired to let go and find their voice through improv games.

Joining Robert will be presenters Dan Dumsha and Wendy Duke, who each bring a unique perspective around stuttering and improv. For 30 minutes, we will do a warm up and three games involving spontaneity, humour and uninhibited speech as we embrace ourselves and who we are and let go of fears around talking.

What to expect

By the end of the workshop, learners will:

  1. Be shown how this approach to stuttering is consistent with current thinking on accepting diversity, as opposed to promoting “ableism” in treatment.
  2. Learn improv games that they can incorporate into their daily interactions and/or utilize in treatment.
  3. Become more playful in their speech and accepting of mistakes.

About the presenter

Robert grew up in Ireland and now resides in Vancouver, Canada. He is the author of Just One More Drive, a brutally honest account of the bond he formed with a BMW race car and how this vehicle saved his life and inspired him to share his story to inspire others through dark humour and honesty. His message is centred around the power of communication and vulnerability as an access to freedom.

Last updated: 2021-12-01