About the Conference




CSA announces our 2021 online conference, to take place November 12-14, 2021. Our 2020 Conference was a success thanks to all the wonderful workshops and speakers we hosted. Our theme this year is "Our Voices, Our Stories" and like story-telling that draws people to movies and books, we want to present narratives around the world of people who stutter and what matters to them, and create a virtual space for people to "shine online."

The conference schedule will be posted shortly. The workshop content will cover personal stories, scientific research, and practical advice and commentary on understanding and coping with stuttering. As this is our 30th Anniversary year, we will also be featuring some discussion with individuals who attended the first CSA Conferences.

Children and Families

A portion of our workshops will be aimed at young people and parents, including round tables for discussion and sharing of ideas. How does a family deal with stuttering as a group? Whether you are a person who stutters of any age, a parent, an SLP or an SLP student, you will find the Canadian Stuttering Association 2021 conference an enriching experience.


We also have two exciting keynote speakers for you to enjoy! We welcome JJJJJerome and Joze to our conference! The full conference schedule will be posted shortly.

JJJJJerome Ellis

Jerome ellis JJJJJerome Ellis

As you might tell by the spelling of his name, JJJJJerome Ellis is open and comfortable about being a self-proclaimed person who stutters. A talented musician and composer, Ellis was awarded a 2015 Fulbright Fellowship to research traditional samba music and performed with local musicians at the Universidade Federal da Bahia in Salvador, Brazil. He holds numerous sound design and composing credits, including being the resident composer and saxophonist at 5C Café and Cultural Centre in New York City from 2008-2011. Ellis is also a piano teacher and Portuguese translator.

BIO: JJJJJerome Ellis is a stuttering, Afro-Caribbean composer, poet, and performer. His works are invitations to healing, transcendence, communion, and deep listening. Through an interdisciplinary practice that focuses on oral storytelling, improvisation, and the interrelations between speech, silence, disability, and religion, he’s collaborated with choreographers, rappers, playwrights, booksellers, typographers, podcasters, toddlers, and filmmakers. Mr. Ellis’s work has been presented or developed by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Sundance Institute Theatre Lab, Lincoln Center, MASS MoCA, and WKCR. He is a writer in residence at Lincoln Center Theater. Born in Connecticut to a Jamaican mother and a Grenadian father, Ellis was raised in Virginia Beach, VA. JJJJJerome is an excellent public speaker, and we will be showcasing his inspirational music during the conference.

Read more about JJJJJerome Ellis here.

Joze Piranian

Joze Piranian Joze Piranian

Joze Piranian will make you laugh and think at the same time – a powerful combo! Not only a popular comedian and a Global TEDx speaker, Joze Piranian is also a multilingual motivational speaker. He has addressed international audiences regarding the power of resilience and inclusion to unlock one's personal and professional potential. Piranian earned an Inspirational Speaker of the Year award in 2017.

Bio: After avoiding speaking almost entirely for more than 25 years due to a debilitating stutter, Joze uncovered ground-breaking insights for personal transformation that turned his obstacle into triumphant public speaking and stand-up comedy performances in three continents and as many languages. Joze is on a mission to change people’s relationships with fear and discomfort so that they start taking action and unleash their inner greatness at work, school, and in life. Joze is well known to the CSA. His comedy workshop at an earlier CSA Conference was filmed and may be included in a documentary about his life as a person who stutters. He hopes it will be released sometime next year! Read more about Joze Piranian here.