The 2018 Canadian Stuttering Association Conference

If you are a person who stutters, family or friend of a person who stutters, a speech-language pathologist or student of speech-language pathology, you will find the Canadian Stuttering Association Conference to be a very worthwhile, educational and enjoyable day!

Although CSA has been active for a long time now, it was in 2014 that the organization experienced a "re-launch" of the conference event. This makes our 2018 conference the 5th Anniversary Conference of the "new era" of CSA! This one-day event is a chance to learn about stuttering, interact with other people who stutter and speech-language pathologists, and attend workshops and seminars about stuttering. Registration includes lunch which serves as unstructured time to socialize in a comfortable environment where no one is surprised to hear stuttering.

Times have changed since 1991 when CSA first began. One of the biggest changes is the widespread use of the internet as a source for information and engagement for people in today's world. While the CSA has a web and social media prescence, the smaller scale conference is about the value of direct encounters, meeting new people and real world interaction. With an emphasis on unscripted, social meeting space as well as formal speeches and workshops, the conference is a special opportunity for anyone whose life is affected by stuttering. More information is available on our website.

The CSA volunteer conference committee is: Casey Kennedy, Eeva Stierwalt, Lisa Wilder, Melina Etienne, Dan Leca, Carla Di Domenicantonio, Alexandra D'Agostino, Mary Wood, David Stones, Andrew Harding and Sam Dunsiger.

The Beginning

The first CSA (CAPS) Conference in 1991 in Banff, AB.

It was in August of 1991 that various self-help groups, mainly in Ontario and Alberta, launched a national conference for people who stutter in Canada. Beautiful Banff, Alberta was the setting. After that, a series of bi-annual national conferences was held across Canada in the 1990s and early 2000s. You can see some photos of our past conferences on our Flickr page.

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