3 Free Stuttering Podcasts You'll Want To Listen To

A good story is a good story, whether it be text, video or audio. Even our brains know this to be true (more on that here!).

So it comes as no surprise that podcasts, a free and fun form of digital form of radio, have taken our world by storm. Podcasts (and their hosts) have broken down communication barriers for entertainment and learning and have allowed anyone to discuss any topic that matters to them and share it with the world. 

Since I learned of the power of the podcast, I’ve been searching for podcasts about stuttering that spread awareness, provide support and are all around feel good podcasts for and by people who stutter. Surprisingly, I haven't come across that many (yet!), but here are my top 3!


1. StutterTalk, Peter Reitzes, Reuben Schuff, Britni Bicknaver, Barry Yeoman and The “B” Team

StutterTalk has a range of American hosts from varying backgrounds who talk openly about stuttering and are dedicated to supporting people who stutter and those who care about them, as well as informing the general public about stuttering. Over 500 weekly podcasts have been published since it's birth back in 2007 and they're not slowing down!

LISTEN: iTunesWeb


2. Stuttering is Cool, Daniele Rossi

Daniele Rossi is a digital media creator, cartoonist (you can check out some of his work here) and a person who stutters from Toronto, ON. His podcast chronicles the experiences of individuals who stutter and encourages people who stutter to participate in his podcasts by sending him an audio clip of them speaking (cool idea!). If you are a person who stutters or are just curious about stuttering, this may be the podcast for you!

LISTEN: iTunes, SoundcloudCastRoller


3. Women Who Stutter Podcast - Make Room For the Stuttering, Pamela Mertz

Pamela Mertz is an outreach specialist/recruiter, blogger and a person who stutters from Albany, NY. Her podcasts invites other women who stutter to share their stories on the fears, shame, challenges and triumphs of living with stuttering. 

LISTEN: iTunesWeb


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