Stuttering & The Workplace: Disclosure is Powerful

Graduation season is just around the corner and while graduating is a time of great enjoyment, accomplishment and celebration, it also marks a time a great change.  This is the time when recent grads will put down their books, join the workforce and of course start paying back those student loans!

A lot of new grads are often given the same sort of advice when they graduate - "find your passion", "follow your dreams" and "don't fear failure". And while this is all well and good, sometimes some more concrete advice is also appreciated. This holds especially true for individuals who are facing not only the difficult job market but also who face the challenges of stuttering in interviews and in the workplace. 

We asked members of the Canadian stuttering community to share with us some of their advice for new graduates who stutter that are entering the workforce. What was the piece of advice that stood out the most? Disclose your stutter and be confident in doing so. 

Disclose your stutter in your interview, with your coworkers, with your new clients and anyone else you may interact with while you're working. Even though disclosure may sound scary, being confident and stating the fact you have a stutter in a matter of fact way is powerful. Not only does it show that you are confident and comfortable with yourself, but it also shows that you are the type of person who is not afraid to take the lead and take charge - two skills highly valued by employers. 

This sort of advice also can extend beyond new grads and applies to anyone who stutters in the workforce. In the end, being able to portray yourself as a competent, confident individual is the most important thing. Doing this will help potential employers, coworkers and the like see beyond your stutter and see the awesome person sitting in front of them.

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