Attend a Virtual Support Group!


The CSA support groups in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton are hosting virtual support meetings. Until our groups can get going again in person, Zoom meetings will be the mode of delivery! For more information check our support group page.

Frontiers for Young Minds


If you're looking to help keep curious minds occupied these days, this online scientific journal aimed at young people might be worth a visit. Recognized by the American Library Association as a Great Website for Kids, Frontiers for Young Minds is a robust collection of freely available science journals written by established scientists and involving kids themselves as "young reviewers."

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Name and Dates Announced for Next World Congress


The CSA is happy to share with you the following exciting international event to take place in Montréal, July 22 to 25, 2021! The International Fluency Association's JWCSC is a joint world congress on stuttering and cluttering bringing academics, SLPs, re-searchers, and people who stutter and clutter together to share lived experiences, modern science, and a one-of-a-kind experience for attendees.

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Uplifting Diverse Voices


The CSA stands with Black and Indigenous People of Colour in solidarity against acts of racism and oppression. Our organization celebrates inclusion and is made better by the diversity of our members. We are committed to being anti-racist allies and uplifting the beautiful voices of BIPOC who may or may not stutter.

New French Documentary About People Who Stutter


In the past few years a number of excellent documentaries about stuttering have gained notice. The latest one is L’Êloquence du bégiament (The Eloquence of Stuttering), created in partnership with the Association Parole Bégaiement (the stuttering association in France). The filmmaker, Melissa Bronsart, recently spoke to Daniele Rossi on his Stuttering is Cool podcast.

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