Nathan Rattansey

Regional Support Group Coordinator
Toronto, Ontario

I was first introduced to the stuttering community at a CSA event hosted by the University of Toronto showing a special screening of My Beautiful Stutter. The screening was followed by a panel discussion from individuals who stuttered which was an incredibly moving experience. As Regional Support Coordinator, I coordinate self-help groups nationwide, connecting and supporting people who stutter. I also act as a Grant Advisor to the CSA, where I explore new sources of funding for CSA initiatives. In these roles, I am committed to raising awareness around stuttering and the unique challenges people who stutter have to overcome. If you have any inquiries about the CSA, the work we do, or how you can get involved, I can be reached at Do not hesitate to reach out! As someone who grew up often feeling alone in my speaking trials, I have personally found it helpful talking to other individuals who stutter and sharing in their experiences and perspectives).

Last updated: January 3, 2022