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How to create hope

acceptanceThe theme for our 2016 conference is ‘Courage, Support and Acceptance’. These three qualities define the Canadian Stuttering Association, giving hope to everyone affected by stuttering. Here are my thoughts on each of these qualities, that together create a deep sense of hope.

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Celebrating Stuttering


Can we celebrate stuttering? Until recently I would have said only if you are mad or on drugs. Occasionally I still think this. The remnants of stuttering can still leave me strangely silent at the end of a phone conversation, which happened yesterday with a client. It even happens with family.

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You can speak as a leader: The CSA AGM seminar

Each time you want someone else to do something, to achieve common goals, you have the chance to speak as a leader. As people who stutter, we don’t always see ourselves as natural leaders - even if we want to be. Why? That’s the first part the Speaking as a Leader program addresses - how we think. Leadership is something we all have the chance to do in everyday situations. But what sort of leader can you be? In essence, a leader who understands what they can offer, what action they want, and one who knows how to listen properly to find out what other people need.

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The trap of "practicing"

This blog post is about an issue that comes part and parcel with speech therapy: practicing. But first, I need to tell you I recently took up bellydancing. I go to class once a week, and it is very enjoyable. It’s a healthy and fun thing for women to learn. Now let me explain what this has to do with speech therapy.

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Opportunity - CSA membership communications coordinator

Are you passionate about communicating with members, as part of the Canadian Stuttering Association? We are looking for an e-newsletter editor to lead our marketing and communications outreach. The focus is on building relationships with our members through well chosen and presented stories, news and information.

At the Canadian Stuttering Association, we provide the personal touch in a world of information. We’re not thinking of a traditional newsletter with formal articles, but a short, direct email newsletter.

A core role will be to direct members to our website www.stutter.ca in a friendly, informative way.

You’ll be able to find out more about how people who stutter can overcome the effects it can have on their lives - especially in a diverse society like Canada and share your enthusiasm in the newsletter.

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Friends for life

2014 CSA Christmas DinnerAt the CSA Christmas dinner last night I had the privilege to speak with people whose lives have been transformed.  Yes, transformed is the word, and it was thanks to the 2-3 day national conferences that the Canadian Stuttering Association used to organise.

It’s quite something to speak with a group of friends who met through these conferences and became friends for life.  Sure, it takes courage - even to walk through the door for the first time - but you go to a conference you will make new friends and gain a new sense of what you can achieve.  For example, it took Mary Wood real courage to give her first presentation. “I was terrified”, she said. Since then, Mary has spoken at many conferences internationally and is now speaks every week as a church minister.

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