Newsletter Conference Report

confWow, what a great Conference! Everyone I spoke with told me that they got so much out of it and that they were looking forward to attending next year! I was amazed at the number of first timers we had there.

 We had attendees from as far as California, British Columbia in the west, and Québec in the east! In fact, we even had some board members attend from the Association des bègues du Canada (ABC), including their President, Jean-François Leblanc. It was a great pleasure to welcome them all to the conference and each one said that they were hoping to attend again next year!  

 We had some very positive feedback about the conference. People complimented the quality and variety of the workshops, the ‘excellent’ keynote speaker, Kim Block, the always popular Open Mic session, the great atmosphere and how everyone was so friendly, respectful and professional. We even had a record turnout at the Parents and Teens/Young Adults workshops! Here are just a few of the comments we received:

  • “I really appreciated the safe space made accessible for those who stutter.”
  • “Great networking opportunity ; inspirational ; always learn something new.”
  • “Building confidence is easier around people with the same problems.”
  • “Enjoyed meeting new people who stutter and hearing their stories”
  • “Gives a whole different perspective to hear experiences from PWS”
  • “Informative-extremely supportive”
  • “I really enjoyed the conference and the workshops”
  • “People who stutter tend to avoid groups or seek help…a great opportunity to help individuals who are too scared to find help.”

Thanks to those of you who also presented at the conference in addition to all your planning committee contributions!

Thanks to those of you who attended and to those who shared your experiences with others!

Kudos to all of you who spent hours, weeks and months working on this conference that turned out to be such a success. The conference ran like a well oiled machine, both professional and inviting, yet also providing the ambiance of a safe space where people can network and learn and share.

Well done everyone!!! What a GREAT team! I look forward to another super Conference next year!


So, if you are looking for a place to (in the words of conference attendees) learn, network, meet other PWS, get and give support, become more confident in speaking, continue to learn about stuttering, engage with people and hear different perspectives, give back to the stuttering community by presenting, be informed and manage strategies, pick up tips for therapy approaches, feel part of the community, gain an appreciation for one’s stutter and journey, and/or meet colleagues and other support groups, then join us for our 2018 Conference next October!   Welcome!


Eeva Stierwalt

CSA National Coordinator

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