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ideasThe 2017 Canadian Stuttering Association Conference, to take place on Saturday October 28, is looking for workshop proposals and is open for registration. This is our fourth exciting year! This event is a social and educational experience for people whose lives are affected by stuttering. More information on the website. The proposal form is available here. Submission deadline is June 15.

Popular topics are: personal stories, management and coping of stuttering including speech therapy, research about stuttering, achieving success and self acceptance as a person who stutters, as well as workshops dealing specifically with children or family members who stutter. To get an idea of what has been presented in the past, check out the 2016 Conference workshops. The workshops run one hour, including time for the audience to ask questions. It's a great opportunity to meet face to face with others who share similar life challenges.

The conference will be on October 28, 2017, at the University of Toronto campus, Innis College, 2 Sussex Ave, Toronto, ON.

Any other questions about workshops contact our workshop coordinator Casey Kennedy

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